Jupeb / IJMB vs Pre-Degree. Which is better?

I find it the best time to answer the question of prospective IJMB / jupeb candidates and the concerned public on whether IJMB / Jupeb is the same thing with university pre-degree /Remedial program or any direct relationship between the two programs.

Lets start by analyzing what PRE-degree program is all about.

Pre-degree, from the prefix, “pre” which means “before” is a program for candidates who want to undergo their degree program in a certain university enroll for.

It is a preparatory class for university students. They do the pre-degree program for certain period, about one academic year inline with the university calendar. Some schools run theirs for less than 6 months, others 1 year maximum.

The program is meant to prepare the candidates for their first year(100 level) in the university thus the term PRE-DEGREE = BEFORE DEGREE or simply put, BEFORE 100 LEVEL.

After the one year of undergoing the pre-degree program, the candidates write a final examination based on their studies.

They also obtain JAMB UTME form, sit for JAMB and are expected to meetup certain cut-off mark before  they can be considered for admission into the university.

IJMB and JUPEB on other hand is an advanced level program that prepares interested candidate for 200 level university admission. Anyone who enrolls for IJMB / Jupeb is exposed to nine month intensive lectures . The lectures qualifies their 100 level studies in any university.

To make things clear, lets talk about the differences between IJMB / Jupeb and university pre-degree program.

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Lets get to why we are here, the relationship between IJMB and Pre-degree program

I will like to start with the finical requirements for IJMB / Jupeb and pre-degree. The minimum cost of pre-degree program in any university in Nigeria is about N200,000 in some public universities while some private universities charge about N400,000. (Four hundred thousand Naira).  Not just the huge cost you incur in enrolling for pre-degree program, you also have a deadline  for remitting payment less you get kicked-out of the program.

On the other hand, IJMB fees  is from N70,000 (Seventy thousand Naira) in some IJMB affiliated institutions and the maximum so far is N120,000 in some private IJMB centers. Apart from the fact that you pay less for IJMB, you also enjoy the opportunity to pay your fees gradually unto 3 ties installment for 9 months! Something Remedial won’t offer you

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Another huge margin between IJMB and university pre-degree program is the level candidates of each program are placed after the program. It is imperative to outline that every pre-degree candidates after their one year pre-degree program and exams start over from 100 level in the same university where they undergo the program. Their is no short cut. Just 100 level!. Unlike Pre-degree program, IJMB, an advanced level program launches her candidates into 200 level of ANY UNIVERSITY in Nigeria via direct entry admission.

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They don’t go back to square 100 but advanced to 200 level. This is legal, approved and accredited by the Nigerian university Council (NUC).

Before you can gain admission into 100 level of your pre-degree university, you should also have at the back of your hand that you will also apply and sit for JAMB UTME. Also, you must meet up the required admission cut-off point before you can be consider for this admission after your pre-degree program , thus, if you pass your pre-degree exams and fail JAMB, thats the end, you are back to the same point (thats is way too bad!) why would you want to do that? IJMB admission does not require JAMB UTME as the UTME is for 100 level candidates only.
All you need after your IJMB is a JAMB DIRECT ENTRY Form aka DE Form. since JAMB is the official admission board in Nigeria, every candidate must pass through them directly or indirectly and that’s why you need to obtain the DE form. you don’t write exams as DE students and admission is based on your IJMB /Jupeb points.

IJMB / Jupeb allows you to seek for admission into multiple university, there is no restriction while you can only seek for admission into the university where you you undergo your pre-degree program, no external university recognizes  and would accept your pre-degree result for admission.

IJMB result does not expire, it can be used for admission within 7 good years. Pre-degree on the other side is valid for a year. once you are not favored for admission, thats the end, money gone   !

IJMB / Jupeb and pre-degree are both done within one academic year. (Often 9 months). IJMB /Jupeb calendar is a stable one while the pre-degree admission is determined by the institution in charge.

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Jupeb which stands for JOINT UNIVERSITY PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION BOARD, is an advanced level program that helps admission seekers gain university admission without jamb. what most people will tell you is that it will secure admission for you with 100% guarantee but that is wrong, it doesnt guarantee admission, but it secures your admission chances by 95% above jamb.

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Does University Of Ilorin Accept Jupeb?

Students who want to gain admission into the university of Ilorin also known as unilorin can now do so without Jamb.

Jupeb which stands for joint university preliminary examination board is an advanced level program that gives admission seekers the opportunity to gain 200 level admission without Jamb.

It should be noted that Unilorin has included the jupeb program into its click of admission programs but students can also run jupeb outside unilorin and still gain admission into unilorin.

Jupeb comes with a lot of advantages over Jamb and these advantages will be shared in subsequent posts. To register for jupeb call / Whatsapp 08023201628 or Click Here


Jupeb which stands for joint university preliminary examination board is an advanced level programme that gives admission seekers the opportunity to gain 200 level admission without JAMB .

Most times students who want to enroll for the jupeb program as the following questions.

  • Is Jupeb real? ans , yes jupeb is real, it is run by the university of lagos, in affiliation with most universities in nigeria.
  • Will i pass the jupeb program? ans , yes, as long as you read and attend lectures.
  • How long does the program last? ans, approximately 1 year.

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Jupeb Registration Steps As Of October 2019

Jupeb with stands for joint university preliminary examination board is an advanced level program that gives admission seekers who need an alternative to Jamb the opportunity to gain admission into their choice universities without Jamb.

How to register.

To register for JUPEB click this link for the steps and further information


The interim joint matriculation board (IJMB) has released its result for the just concluded 2019 examinations.

The IJMB program gives students opportunity/admission seekers to gain admission into the university without JAMB. To register click here

You can also register for JOINT UNIVERSITY PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION BOARD (JUPEB) which is similar to IJMB, as students can use JUPEB results to study and gain admission into any university of their choice without JAMB. To register for JUPEB click here

With JUPEB A’level, Your Admission Pursuit Is Secured

Students mostly don’t realize that there are numerous alternatives if Jamb didn’t work out. One of them being Jupeb. (Joint University Preliminary Examination Board) an advanced level program that gives students the opportunity to enter into any university of their choice without Jamb.


Application is easy as it needs only O’Level (awaiting result too is accepted)

It can be used for as many universities in Nigeria as possible.


For more info click here

Jupeb Examination And Registration In Lagos

Jupeb Examination And Registration In Lagos

Students who are interested in pursing admission into 200 level by next year without Jamb are free to enroll for Jupeb program in Lagos.

We have Affiliation with a study center located in ikeja Lagos State.

With the jupeb result you can be on your way to the university of your choice without Jamb.

Here’s what you need to apply for the jupeb program.

First You need to purchase the form. Click here.

O’Level result (awaiting results are welcome)

12 passports with red back ground.

Fees for the program

Form Online – N8,500 / Form at the school N10,000

Tuition – 180,000 and can be paid in installments

For more information, Click Here

Advantages that jupeb students have over Jambites in securing admission slots.

If you are reading this , then you are interested in gaining admission into the university of your choice without JAMB. With a program like jupeb, university admission seekers have an opportunity, as well as an alternative to gain admission into their choice university without jamb.

What makes JUPEB better than jamb.

  1. Result lasts for mors e than one year.
  2. Competition with jupeb result via Direct Entry is less competitive unlike with Jamb.
  3. Result can be used more than once

To register for Jupeb in Lagos and Ilorin Click here.